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Vince Santonastaso - Vocals
Kevin Cust - Guitar
Blair Smith - Drums
Fernando Carrera - Bass
James Soto - Guitar

Beautiful, humble, balanced and intelligent - a perfect dream. Hailing from New Jersey, where countless famous acts have been discovered, you will find Symetria. Pleasing the musical taste buds of thrash, power metal, metal, hardcore, classic rock and straight up rock ‘n’ roll fans alike, Symetria’s mission is to connect with their fans and touch their lives as music has touched theirs.
Vince Santonastaso (vocals) and Kevin Cust (guitar) met playing in an Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica cover band. But Vince knew after playing for over 15 years, it was time for more, and Kevin was eagerly ready too. In their eyes, Symetria wasn’t even a concept yet but little did they know this was just the beginning. Fernando Carrera (bass) was an old friend of Kevin's, came to jam after moving back from California and blended right in. The missing piece was Blair Smith (drums) who, by luck of the draw, they found on Bandmix. He came in on a rainy, muddy Sunday afternoon, and he made it thunder. His style and ability to bounce around, change time and lay a groovy beat made the band bring him back. And so Symetria was born.
Symetria spent the fall jamming and writing. They had 7 songs ready to play but were still missing that second guitarist they needed to really solidify the bands sound and power. But finding “the one” was proving to be more difficult than expected. Regardless, the band took their first show in November 2016, a Toys for Tots benefit in PA, and the response they received was overwhelming. The rest was history.
The band engaged with Tim McMurtrie, an old contact from a previous band and also the original guitarist for M.O.D., and his new label Tripsquad Records. Symetria started recording their full-length album at Trax East, produced by Eric Rachel and Tim. While all of this was going on, Symetria hopped on a friends show in Allentown, PA and the crowd ate it up - further solidifying they were really onto something. The recording was done and sounded so full, so powerful and so intense. Now, it was time to add the second guitarist. Enter James Soto (guitar). While James isn’t on the full-length, his influence is. Behind the scenes, Kevin jammed with James, teaching him all of the music, making his audition for Symetria gig-level acceptable.
What sets Symetria apart from the ever-growing metal scene is not just their unique sound, but their humanitarian roots. As a band, they’ve lived. They’ve been around the block a few times and their goal isn’t only to sell out shows and make a global name for themselves. From animal shelters to habitat for humanity, Symetria want to be known as ambassadors for helping people and giving back.
Symetria’s self-titled debut album was released September 29, 2017 on Tripsquad Records. The very same weekend, Symetria shared the stage with idols and metal icons OVERKILL. With two big milestones in such a short time for young band, Symetria has proven they are in it for the long haul. Horns up!